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MIMMIC! 2097


Editorial design based on my concept series Elf Butler, deriving inspiration from high-fashion lifestyle magazines such as Vogue.

Made in Adobe InDesign. Imagery made in CLIP STUDIO PAINT and Adobe Illustrator.


For this project, I could make my editorial about... anything. Which, as you may know, is daunting. However, I decided that tying in my personal project Elf Butler was the most fun and productive way to go about this... and so I did!


This was an awesome opportunity to flesh out the world of Elf Butler, make some new illustrations, and practice my layout design. I wanted the magazine to feel like it's straight from the fantastical setting. So, I decided to make it about the high-profile antagonists, drawing inspiration from a magazine that only highlight high-profile figures (Vogue); the principal antagonist, halfling Craig Binsirbottom, and his selfish, high-strung halfling fiance Myra Davieu, are the central figures in the magazine. The issue calls attention to their engagement and eventual merging of ruling multitrillion dollar technology company Binsir and multibillion dollar company Holista, which is a key plot point in Elf Butler.


Some of my layout sketches!

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